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Working with us for 9 months!

We aim to give as much value and education as possible in all our speaking events and written material and, of course, our educational products too.

Property Conversions is a Big subject though and after twenty years we know there are so many variables and such a lot to learn that it is impossible to cover all the opportunities and challenges you may come across, in one event or contact.

Having spent all this time “in property” however, we have also experience doing “Flips”, Refurbs, Residential & Commercial Lettings and Holiday Lets as well as our main strategy of converting and developing existing buildings and their grounds so it’s a pretty all-round education by default too!

Our Mentoring programme differs from many in that we do all our own support (apart from guest expert speakers) ourselves. We do not use “coaches” with limited experience or skills, only experience and knowledge gained through our twenty years “in the trenches” so to speak!

Time also goes so fast, don’t you agree?

It’s so easy for days to drift into weeks and months and you probably would benefit from being held accountable to your goals and targets!

It’s also good to have a supportive community helping and encouraging you every step of the way. A second opinion for reassurance is also a great feeling too.


Monthly support: Nine monthly workshops

We recognise the need for a supportive network to encourage you but also a monthly “check in” where you can assess your progress.

Our monthly workshops are also a great opportunity to really drill down with more detailed education on specific areas of Property Conversions

The areas we cover, among others, are

  • Sourcing your projects and assessing whether suitable
  • Financing your development creatively & for maximum benefit
  • Vat and tax considerations. Capital Allowances
  • Planning and Building regs
  • Creating Leases and adding maximum value to Freehold companies
  • Commercial properties: different types and benefits
  • Assessing the properties financial viability & Terms to offer
  • CDM & Health & Safety on site. CIS & contracts
  • Creating leases, freehold & management companies & covenants
  • Exits, selling off plan, CGIs, partnerships & SPVs

These are held in the West Country at varying sites to enable site visits on occasions

Monthly Zoom group calls

On these calls we can expand on any challenges and look at potential projects, discussing ideas, feasibility, plans and helping you all move your projects on in a supportive environment along with key learning.

Complimentary tickets to property tours and events

Including our project tours  (subject to availability as numbers are strictly limited due to space and Health & Safety on site)

All course workbooks and written materials

All online event recordings & video including previously run Introduction & Advanced Conversion courses & “Building the Right Foundations”

Our BRAND NEW Online Course

Online “closed” Facebook Forum

Available to mentees only . We will also take an active role here.

Where you can openly ask questions and discuss your projects in a “closed”environment.

In summary, we want our people to achieve real results and we will endeavour to help and assist you to achieve this.

There will be no question of you being “one of a number” with us!

Contact us today to start your mentoring journey with us.

Investment £4,997 
Monthly payment plan at £1,000 x 5



Includes all of the above PLUS

Includes all of the above PLUS: Personal support as needed – we have a special ringtone for our LEVEL 2 mentees!

One to one support as required

Just for you! Where we can really help and advise you on getting the most benefit on your years  property journey.

We want you to take real action and get tangible achievements. Make projects happen!

Investment £8,997 
Monthly payment plan £1,900 x 5