Our Ethos

Our Mission

“ConvertingProperty.com help you discover the potential of property investment. We do this by specialising in converting large buildings, often commercial, into residential apartments and retail units so it’s a win win for everyone.” – Joe and Jane Harling

ConvertingProperty.com recognise that buying below market value may not always be possible or fair and ethical. Our mission is to add Huge Value instead!

Clever conversions, maximising space, changing to a better and more profitable use.  Joe & Jane  don’t believe the strategy is simply Commercial to Residential.  It isn’t only offices to flats.  Its much wider than that!

We make property work so it’s a Win Win for everyone!

Our Vision

P rofitable – but safe conversions.
R eliable – & consistent. We work with the same teams for years.
O ngoing – support with year long mentoring programmes.
F air – and ethical with everyone – a WinWin!
I nnovative – and creative property developing.
T raining – with the benefit of  past & current experience & knowledge.

Our Values

The power of 5:

poweroffive - Our Ethos

  1. Success – We always aim to succeed, with the four corners below providing a firm foundation we have all we need to be prosperous.
  2. Integrity – We mean what we say and when we talk about good working relations we endeavour to make property investment a great experience.
  3. Trust – We have a great track record and we know this is one of our greatest strengths. On this we can build an even better opportunity for everyone.
  4. Commitment –We won’t leave our trainees out in the cold, we know that people rely on us for the best education, we are committed to them achieving their best.
  5. Relationship – We all have reasons for doing what we do and we recognise that it plays a big part in investment. No matter their vision we want to be part of helping of them to achieve it.