Our History

We were originally hairdressers!

Although we had six salons & employed 60 staff at one time, won prestigious awards and had enjoyed our career we knew it wasn’t something we wanted to do forever. But what though? We had no other qualifications!

However, in the mid eighties, we had moved out of our flat above our original salon and the space had lain empty for years. One day Joe had the idea of turning the empty space into apartments and renting them out. This proved to be a big learning curve as we had never before sought planning or developed a listed building before!

Then, once we had achieved this and the apartments were rented we came up with the idea to convert other properties, buying freeholds to move our other salons to, using the space above for more rentals, converting larger commercial buildings such as struggling B&B’s, office blocks or hotels into apartments and transforming many residential houses into more profitable spaces.

The essence of the idea is to turn a larger property into smaller properties, thus boosting the value of the property considerably. From this came the strategy of title splitting, in order to obtain a separate mortgage for, or sell, each apartment. We built up a large portfolio of rental properties, both residential and commercial, in and around Bristol and the West Country.

After a few years we sold the salons to other hairdressers and these became the first of our commercial portfolio of rentals too.

We’ve also done refurbishments, flips, planning uplift sales & run a holiday let portfolio too!

We still do development and conversion projects today

This vast bank of knowledge, skill & experience led to many property investors asking for advice.  So much so that it became almost full time helping others!

We discovered we enjoyed helping other developers do their own projects.  They found great benefit visiting our sites and listening to our advice.

This led to our developing a formal programme of education. One where we could teach people how to safely do their own projects, minimise risk and earn great monthly cashflow or chunks of capital of their own.

Since buying our first commercial freehold into 1988 we have seen some dramatic market conditions. Periods of vast capital growth but also two very severe downturns. We have learned many lessons from these eras.

We believe these experiences, make us very cautious and conscientious of the need for “plan B’s & C’s” and in turn make us better educators. Indeed we view it as just as important to prevent our students making mistakes and losing money as we do helping them to make great profits!.

Currently we offer a formal Online Course, filmed recordings of both our previous Introduction and Advanced level events all about Property Conversions & Title Splitting, also the filmed “ Foundations” course which we ran with our builder,  and our flagship year long Mentoring programme.

We also enjoy speaking about our strategy at both property and other events all over the country.